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Dr. Gott's (Fruit Sweetener) ?  
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Gidgett writes,  August 20, 2010

In Dr.Gott's No fLour, No Sugar Diet, he mentions Fruit Sweetener. What is it and  where can I find it? 

Sandee writes,  August 20, 2010

I'm not sure about that...maybe he has his own brand.  Truvia is a natural sweetener that you can find in most grocery stores and Xylitol and other stevia brands can be found in the health food stores.

mi75 writes,  August 30, 2010

Dr Gott's Fruit Sweetener is actually cooked down fruit pectins that are used to sweeten things in place of sugar. there is a name-brand called "Fruit Sweet" found in the baking section. You can also make your own by boiling down a can of pure apple juice concentrate until it has reduced by half and then cool it and keep in the fridge. this is also found in his cookbook. this is the method that i prefer because it is much cheaper than the name-brand kind.

Wax Orchards writes,  November 04, 2014

The sweetener Dr. Gott is suggesting is called FRUIT SWEET and it is available from WAX ORCHARDS.  Find it in Whole Foods stores or online at www.waxorchards.com

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