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Mayonnaise as a Fat  
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Brandi writes,  August 19, 2010

I noticed in one of the recipes that 1Tbs of Mayonnaise is 1 Fat.  Is that after 30 days?



Sandee writes,  August 19, 2010

Sorry Brandi, it's a maintenence fat....however, my sponsor let me use it before maintenence....and I think that I got to use it as salad dressing at dinner....so it was 2 Tbs then....check with your sponsor though.

Brandi writes,  August 19, 2010

No problem.  I can have mayonnaise based dressing as my 2Tbs at dinner (I'm 48 days abstinent). 

As you know, I like to cook!  I also noticed some recipes call for 2 fats and one being Avocados!  My Sponsor wasn't sure about Avocados, but I'm going to assume those recipes are maintenance. 

I haven't seen what foods are allowed on maintanence yet.....hence, the questions!


Sandee writes,  August 22, 2010

Yes, avocado is for maintenence....and you will get there : )

Brandi writes,  August 23, 2010

Love your confidence in me....especially since you don't know me!  I WILL get there...I often dream about eating avocados now!  LOL!  I don't care about sugar, fast food, flour, or naughty foods....but find myself dreaming about enjoying avocado.  BUT in my dreams, I just hit maintenance, so that me feel better that I'm not slipping or going off program! Too funny....

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