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I am Tired day 8  
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Lynzie writes,  August 13, 2010

I feel so tired which transfers that I am lazy..Does this happen in the first 30 day of cea how...I also need more water..I drink coffee all day..

Lynzie writes,  August 13, 2010

HI Lynzie,

Too much coffee will make you tired....and mess with your blood sugar levels.  There are so many reasons why you may be tired....and yes....water is good!  You need about 1 oz per 2 lbs of body weight per day.  You may be detoxing too....the sugar, flour, MSG, processed foods...they're all poison....when you stop bombarding your body with them it can beging to purge them....and that will make you tired.  Hang in there....you're worth taking care of!

Love and Light,


mi75 writes,  August 13, 2010

I agree with sandee- this is early in the process and you are likely still detoxing your body! all that junk we feed our bodies for YEARS takes a while to find it's way out. i find that during detox i sweat more, i get crabby, my blood sugars flucuate more, and i an antsy! be patient, in another couple of weeks you will feel FAB!!! good luck

fran641 writes,  August 13, 2010

Until I read your post I had forgotten how bad I felt that first week.  It's been about 1 1/2 yrs  since I started eating this way so the pain fads....lol  I was dragging around the house for the first 10 days or so and felt terrible.   But it is true that one day you'll notice that it's getting better then you will begin feeling great.  Hang in there it is so worth it............good luck.

Lynzie writes,  August 15, 2010

Thank you so much..I think I have a lot of caffeine in my blood too!Next choice after this.

Lynzie writes,  August 15, 2010

I just had my last caffeine drink..wish me luck!!

fran641 writes,  August 22, 2010

Lynzie, I hope you are doing ok with the caffeine withdrawal.  If your still off it your probably over any withdrawals.  I gave caffeine up about 3 or 4 yrs. ago and now if I use it I have shakes and heart palpitations.

If you are off the sugar and flour you should be feeling better from that too.  Good luck with all your changes.  One day at a time.

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