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good baked bean recipe?  
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mi75 writes,  August 09, 2010

hey all- just me again! i'm looking for a really good baked bean recipe. i miss having them-but the regular ones are filled with sugar! thanks in advance.

Desi writes,  February 28, 2012

If you are still interested, I found a blog that has a great baked red bean recipe with no sugar!  It's creole flavored.  Go to ourbestbites.com, then under the recipe search look up red beans and rice.  I just make the bean portion and for me it's a great substitute.  Good luck!

mi75 writes,  March 03, 2012

perfect thanks!

Coop writes,  March 10, 2012

There is a a bean caserole recipe on this site that is really good:  http://www.happy2beme.com/recipe/nosugar-noflour-recipe.action?recipeId=331

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