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Brandi writes,  August 02, 2010

I know that CEA-HOW has a cookbook.  I'm wondering if it's worth purchasing or if I can find the same recipes on this site, which I love - thank you!!!

Anyone know?


Sandee writes,  August 02, 2010

We only have some from one book....and you're welcome : )

fran641 writes,  August 13, 2010

I have the CEAHOW cookbook and have made some of the recipes in it and they turned out fine.  I do love this website and recommend it to all my friends.  I don't like to  cook things with 50 ingredients so I eat pretty simply.  In general you can google low carb recipes and get  more than you could possible  ever cook in one lifetime..

vli writes,  March 04, 2011

Where do you get the CEA-HOW cookbook?

Debbie writes,  March 05, 2011

Go to, cea-how.org  they sell it on their web site.

mi75 writes,  March 29, 2011

there is a great site out there called kalyns kitchen. she actually lost her weight using the south beach technique, but many recipes on her site are plan-friendly and SO yummy!

DR writes,  January 04, 2013

i downloaded one off the web, i'll post the link here :) 

DR writes,  January 04, 2013

Good sources w/multiple ideas listed:









Sandee writes,  January 11, 2013

Thank you DR!  : )

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