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oat bran - isn't that considered flour?  
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RACQUEL writes,  August 02, 2010

I'm on a no sugar, no gluten diet. I thought that oats are gluten, and don't eat them. Is oat bran also flour or gluten? I'm getting mixed up!!

Thanks for your feedback!


Sandee writes,  August 02, 2010

Oat bran is definitely not flour.  From what I understand gluten is a product of wheat.  I looked it up on Wikapedia and it suggests that oats can be eaten on a gluten free diet if they are pure.  Of course if this is something that you have a sensitivity to....look into it further and/or ask your doctor.

fran641 writes,  August 13, 2010

Hi, I am also on a gluten free, no sugar, no flour program.  I don't use the oat bran because I don't know how pure the oats are.  Safe oats can be purchased online but I don't need the expense of those since I have so many other food choices.  Oats are grown in the same fields or processed with other wheat products  so they are not considered safe by most people. On some of my GF websites people do eat them without a problem but the "silent" internal damage is more than I want to mess with. 

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