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lynzie writes,  July 21, 2010

Is this CEA HOW legal? if so where does it fit in?

kathy writes,  July 22, 2010

Non profit,self supporting,anonymous program,where people who suffer from compusive eating come together to solve thier common problems,and support one another in  recovery from compulsive eating. It is not illigal no more than someone trying any other weight loss method,the only difference is our primary concern is helping others recover from this disease,that is where the focus is, not on how much money we can make. It is self supporting, you give what you can,we do not accept outside donations, donations are given at meetings and monies for literature all help support cea how continue to function. We also work with the medical field thats why it is suggested to show the plan to your dr.or nutritionist before starting it, and adapting any modifications they may suggest.

Personal experience: Improved health of many after losing substantial weight, diabetics able to go off insuline, blood pressure being greatly reduced,( myself )- no pain from back injury. Not to mention the spiritual side of of the program developing FAITH in a higher power during the rough times-HOPE, to continue no mater how bad things seem,and the support of others_IDENTIFICATION,and understanding.

If it's not for you,don't try it,continue to do things your way,for me it was the last house on the block I tried eveything short of lap band,and none of it ever worked,the quick fixes never stuck. this worked an entire year for me.Recommitted myself on June 12 stating weight 296-todayjune 22 at 284.It works when you work it.

Lynzie writes,  July 22, 2010

I met is avacado ok for cea how? I think you misunderstood..sorry

Sandee writes,  July 23, 2010

Yes, avocado is okay in maintenance....1 serving will be 1/8 of an avocado.  Until then though...only oil and dressing....hang on....it gets better : )

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