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Brandi writes,  July 21, 2010

I've been part of CEA-HOW for 21 days and often find that I have too much food (I measure my food). In fact, I made the Lentil Soup this evening for dinner (which is really good) and it was way too much food.  I could only finish 1/3 of it.

Do you guys typically finish it all? 


Sandee writes,  July 23, 2010

I do.  People are often shocked when they see how much I can eat and how little I am...I love it : )  Are you drinking a lot near or during your meals...that may do it.  I remember being taught to drink lots of water before a meal to make me full so I wouldn't over eat....I have learned that that is not a good idea....especially when I'm eating to properly nourish my body....too much liquid will also dilute the digestive enzymes and make it very hard for your body to digest and utilize the food you ate.

Brandi writes,  July 24, 2010

You know what, I never thought of that.  I do drink A LOT of water and not because I think I'm suppose to.  I'm just thirsty ALL THE TIME (no, I'm not diabetic).  I believe my body requires more water than most (if that makes sense). I was hospitalized for a week when I was younger due to dehydration.  In fact, I nearly died because of it.  I learned quickly I need to drink a lot of water.  BUT cutting it back prior to a meal is a really great idea. Thanks...

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