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kathy writes,  July 21, 2010

The online address I gave for the cea how food plan, also has recovery meetings called oa meetings. Though they are not cea how, you can use the how plan of eating, and the meetings for the support and identification with other compulsive eaters. I would suggest also going to cea how . org they have phone bridge meetings,and you can order or  down load thier 12 steps, and traditions,as well as thier prayers and books. I myself cannot  afford the long distance phone bridge meetings.Remember oa does not endorse any food plan,where cea How does, yet oa  will work with what ever plan you choose to use. to lose the weight.

Cea how is more disiplined and PERSONALLY I need that disipline,because I am a food addict who will lie,cheat,hide, and steal, to get my fix.For me cea how has been my solution,as it brought about a change in attitude, behavior and action,a SOLUTION,was given to me as long as I WORKED IT.

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