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JrGee writes,  July 27, 2008

When people go on a no sugar diet, what does that exactly mean?  Is it only processed sugars?  What about natural sugars and natural sweetners like Stevia.  Are these allowed?

I have googled on SugarBusters.  Are there other "no sugar diet's" on the market.  I am more interstted in learning about a natural approach to "no sugar" rather then a fad diet.



DanP writes,  July 28, 2008

In my "book" this means no "processed sugar".  Processed sugars include white, powdered, brown, molasses, and even honey have had some or all of their chemical bonds broken down between their basic components due to the amount of processing . Processed sugars present as a simple potent sugar which is easily and quickly absorbed by the body.

Helpful Link: http://www.three-peaks.net/annette/Processed-Sugar.htm

Lol writes,  July 28, 2008

I found this post from another a diet blog about no sugar no flour helpful:

No Sugar, actually means, No Added Sugar. If sugar is listed in the ingredients of a particular food, avoid it.
The sugar in fruit, is sugar that occurs naturally, and is okay.
When you read labels, don't be concerned with the sugar grams, there will be sugar grams in some foods, without having added sugar.

Sugar = regular table sugar, cane sugar, beet sugar, brown sugar, raw sugar, molasses, honey, evaporated cane juice, corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, maple syrup, brown rice syrup, glucose, and sucrose*.

(*Don't confuse sucrose, with sucralose. Sucralose is the generic term for Splenda. Splenda is okay!)

Helen83 writes,  August 23, 2008

I like Stevia.  It is a natural sweetner and does not have the health risks that have already been linked to Aspertane and Saccharin.  It is very sweet and takes a little getting use to.

Jewel writes,  September 08, 2008

What about Agave? Is that allowed on the CEA food plan?

Sandee writes,  September 08, 2008

I don't think so, I think it's the same as honey.

Jap writes,  September 30, 2009

My understanding is that agave is allowed although I have not used it.. not even sure what it is!Wink

Erin writes,  December 09, 2009

Hello!  Agave is a plan and very low glycemic.   Honey is at about 89 and agave is about 29!!

Sandee writes,  December 11, 2009

Notice how you feel after eating it.  It may still be a good idea to have it 5th or further on the ingredient list just like any other sugar.

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