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kathy writes,  July 20, 2010

Actually someone has printed a copy of the food plan online. Iwould suggest finding someone to commit your plan of eating with and a meeting,one needs the support and someone to help you be accountable. I am speaking from experience.I learned the hard way that for me this is a disease and addiction,and I definantly need the support and that other person. It is hard to stick to it by yourself, as it means adopting a whole new way of eating than what one is accustomed to. But If there are no meetings ,to get the food plan from in your area it can be located onine at Recovery.hiway.net/food plans,I found it by typing in cea how food plan,it was the very first one titled FOOD PLANS

anatta writes,  August 28, 2011

we have started a similiar group here in Hendersonville, nc near Asheville.  it is called ITWORKS.  A year going so far, and very successfull.  one meeting is at Pardee wellness center in the Blueridge Mall on Mondays, at 2:00.  

ISAAC HALELOUYAH writes,  January 22, 2016


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