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vita mix vs Magic Bullet?  
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Vita-Mix Super 5200
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brianna writes,  July 09, 2010

What is better for the blending of raw dishes?

Sandee writes,  July 09, 2010

Vita Mix by far!!!  The Magic Bullet is good for dressings, hummus...but other things are better....little things.  I know I show it on a few raw dishes...because that's all I had at the time.....but the Vita Mix is boss for raw soups, green juices, smoothies....it can take down celery, carrots even tomato skins...with the Magic Bullet I had to peel the tomatoes...not an easy job and that's where most of the nutrients are.  It also makes amazing smoothies.  If you are doing a lot of raw, you will really appreciate the difference....and here's a free shipping/promotion code (06-003511) that's worth $25 through this site if you choose to try it.  We like it so much that we became affiliates and endorse it on this website : ). Click here to learn more about this VitaMix promotion

Lynzie writes,  July 10, 2010

Thank you so much..

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