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Sarah writes,  July 08, 2010


I just came across this web site and have been trying to get some idea's on what to eat.  I have chronic fatigue and am seeing a naturalpath right now.  She has told me no sugar (fruits included) and no carbs.  I work as a nurse at the hospital and find it hard to figure out what I can eat for breakfast, lunch and dinners.  I have been having Meat (protein) and salads, and no sugar, no carb jello and lots of nuts.  I'm getting really board and need some new ideas.  Any suggestions PLEASE HELP!!!! I'm almost ready to go out and buy a big loaf of homemade bread and swallow it whole.  All suggestions welcome 

Sandee writes,  July 09, 2010

Hi Sarah,  As a nutritional consultant, I would need more information....have you had a check up....blood work included....with your doctor?  Are you overweight or underweight?  If you are in good shape with the blood work and doc, I would suggest a colon cleanse followed by a liver cleanse....and maybe parasite before the liver.  The diet sounds pretty strict....not like a life long way of life....even on our strictest time....the first 30 days....we have 1/2 C cooked oat bran and a piece of fruit for breakfast....and grains are addded after that....have you told her the trouble you are having?  Also, working as a nurse in a hospital is undoubltably stressful....are you doing exercise and meditation to balance that?  The stress will contribute to exhaustion too....so will being in the energy of other people....and you have to deal with patients, family members, co-workers who are all on high stress levels as well....energetic protection would help you keep your energy in tact.  Okay, I'm going to stop going on and on without knowing exactly where to go with this....there are just so many possiblilities : )

Sandee writes,  July 09, 2010

I also wonder how much aspatame you're getting.  A couple of years ago I was eating a sugar free jello at each meal, chewing sugar free gum and drinking diet pop....all of which were loaded with aspatame....I did a 3 day juice cleanse then followed it with a "Daniel fast".  I was so sick for a few days while the aspartame left my system....much like the flu....but when I recovered I had a renewed sense of vitality and energy.  Recently I crept back into drinking Pepsi Max....it's of course loaded with aspartame along with the caffeing and ginseng....my energy level just crashed after a while...it started by giving me lots of good energy....but that didn't last long, then it took more and more to make it through the day....and I wasn't really making it.  I haven't had any sense last Sunday and I have felt much better for the past few days....I'm still drinking green tea and yerba mate'....and I bought some adrenal support for the afternoon...but I'm pretty sure that it was the aspartame...I also take ginseng and the caffeine in Pepsi Max still isn't as much as a cup of coffee....cup per cup...although I did give that up a year ago too....How's that for a lot of answers?

5 1/2 mos writes,  August 21, 2011

my Dr was thrilled at the food plan!! she ok'd it - I have 5 1/2 mos on it - down 65 lbs and reversed my diabetes and cholesterol!! CEA HOW works and it is FREEEEEEEEE!!!

Sandee writes,  August 22, 2011

Wow!!!!!!  Congratulations!!!!!!!  That is amazing.....thank you for sharing your success : )

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