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michele writes,  July 03, 2010


I am going to start a no sugar/ no grain diet.  I was told brown rice is ok.  Why would that be?  Isn't it a grain?  I'm trying to reduce inflammation and lose weight and get off blood pressure meds.


Sandee writes,  July 06, 2010

The flour is more important to leave out than the grain.  Brown rice is a whole grain and shouldn't give you the inflammation problems that other carbs do....I would definitely check with your doctor though....and while you are losing weight....that could change the amount of your medication.

mi75 writes,  July 07, 2010

hi michele- take a look at the recipes here or in dr gott's no flour no sugar cookbook. grains are good for us and necessary to a balanced diet. the FLOUR made from these grains, on the other hand, we can do without. FLOUR and SUGAR have absolutely NO nutritional benefits to us. They both aid in many disease processes and should be eliminated. you will find that as you pick a plan and familiarize yourself with it, you will understand this all much better. sandee has a fabulous site here with LOTS and LOTS of helpful info. best of luck! mi75

Kathy B  writes,  July 22, 2010

Hi -- I was inspired by a fellow Nurse who has lost 50 lbs since 2/10 to July  just by cutting out grains -- I have made it 5 days so far -- yesterday I felt like I was high almost -- like I was light on my feet ( not an easy thing 4 me LOL) has anyone else felt this way when going off grains and the gobs of carbs you had been eating ? I felt like I had " motor mouth " as I could barel quit rattling on -- anyway -- one day at a time - I KNOW I so want to do this but not sure ( yet ) if I can - I am a 56 y/o gal 205 lbs - long way to go !! I appreciate any feedback --

Sandee writes,  July 23, 2010

I've had all sorts of feelings with toxins leaving my body....it's quite an adventure : )  Just remember...one day at a time....and sometimes one meal at a time....that's all you need to think about : )

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