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Cindy T writes,  June 23, 2010


   Loved reading your story!  Isn't God good?  He lets us in on His secrets and knowledge when we finally realize that we have exhausted our own.  Sadly it took for me to turn 51 to realize that.  I have been overweight all my life.  But I found OA/HOW progam about 7 weeks ago.  I got a sponsor about 34 days ago and I have been abstinent on the program for that long PRAISE GOD ITS HIM NOT ME!  I could have NEVER done this!  NEVER, seriously : )  

   Now, some of your recipes I believe are a little off of the HOW program so I will just subsitute where neccessary ie bananas and avocados those aren't on the HOW list.  But I did already find several of your recipes that I want to try THANK YOU SO MUCH for those!  I was hoping to find some.  I might add the one that my husband made me last night it was an asian ground turkey recipe that was YUMMY!  

     I too am with you on just taking it one day at a time!  Thats all that ANY of us can do.  If you ever find something that helps psoriasis, let me know I aquired that last year and its a pain.  My sister also got it about 2 years ago and she is 10 years older than myself, but hers is gone.  Maybe as the weight continues to drop my immune system will get stronger and I will be able to overcome it.

very grateful,


Sandee writes,  June 23, 2010

Hi Cindy,  Yes, take what you like and leave the rest : )  On psoriasis, I believe that it has a lot to do with the overgrowth of yeast and sugar...this is a conclusion that I've come to from all of the reading that I've done.  If I had it I would take enzymes after all meals and probiotics, (between meals on an empty stomach...just follow the directions on the container)....I do take these things anyway....A green drink in the morning and a fresh lemon in water before breakfast will also help to clean out your system and alkalize it....that along with omiting sugar and flour should help a lot!  Let me know how it goes please : )  Just a reminder, I'm not a doctor, you should definitely discuss this with him/her.

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