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Mary  writes,  June 13, 2010

Hi Sandee,  I noticed you mention you follow a CEA plan. What is the difference between this & Overeaters Anonymous?

Sandee writes,  June 18, 2010

From my understanding OA is a support group and the food plan is picked by the individule and their sponsor.  With Cea HOW the food plan is not suggested, it's required...it's strict...but effective.  Both are 12 step groups and spiritually based.

Kate G writes,  June 19, 2010

Mary, CEA How is very much like the OA 90 day program, which also has a very strict required food plan.

Brandi writes,  July 04, 2010


What do you mean by strict?  Are you able to use the recipes you have posted?  Do you eat the same thing everyday?

Sandee writes,  July 06, 2010

Hi Brandi,  Strict meaning no sugar or flour and eating within the guidelines....yes you can eat the recipes on this site....some you may have to wait unitl after your first 30 days, some until maintenence....but we do have a wide variety of foods to pick from...and we get to pick our own.  It seems strict after eating "free for all" for years....I honestly never feel deprived or stuck....I feel more free eating this way because I know I'm in safe limits, my body is getting what it needs and a lot of times what it wants too...and I can thoroughly enjoy my food while I'm eating it without guilt : )

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