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Not losing very much & this week gained - Help!  
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Mary writes,  June 11, 2010

Help - I've been doing No Sugar No Flour diet for 6 weeks now. I've weighed in each week & lost -.6, -.4, -1.6,  -1.8 so far but this week I gained 2.2. I'm following the program the same the whole 6 weeks except recently I have been eating sugar free ice cream & sugar free candy. Any ideas?

Sandee writes,  June 12, 2010

Hi Mary,  A lot of those sugar free junk foods really have hidden sugars in them....and the amount of food you're eating will effect your weight even if it's sugar free.  I follow a 3 meal a day, nothing in between food plan and weigh once a week.  During weight loss I weighed only once a month.  I personally  have an eating disorder, (I'm a compulsive eater), and follow the plan from ceahow.org.  With any food plan though, the ideal for health and weight loss is to eat whole foods...I can still eat bologna and bacon and corn chips if I choose to on this food plan....but I don't put that garbage into my body anymore.  For years though I tried to find a way to have all the "good", (junk) food that I wanted and get into shape....it never worked.  I had to get honest...even on this plan...what you put into your body is what it creates itself from...your body doesn't know what to do with chemicals...you end up looking distorted.  When we eat what God gave us to eat our bodies respond with health, good looks, energy, emotional well being, etc....we still have to work for it....but my best advise is to get to the basics....fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables, whole grains, organic meats, legumes, dairy.  Take one step at a time and just do it a little better each time...one meal at a time.

mi75 writes,  June 14, 2010

Mary- I also do No Flour No Sugar and I do love the plan. I agree that it is easy and quick for loss. However, I agree with Sandee that you still have to eliminate the junk from your body. Try eating whole foods in their natural form. I'm sure that Dr Gott would agree. Even if there are alternate forms of all your favorite sweets and junk foods, this does not necessarily mean you should be eating them. The chemical sweeteners are probably way worse for our bodies than the real thing, but I choose to avoid both. good luck!

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