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Randy writes,  June 06, 2010
I saw this in last comment by Rose. I have the same question as it is mentioned in Feta Crumbles. Any thoughts?
Randy writes,  June 06, 2010
I also am looking for some encouragement. I find that a week goes by and I may not lose anything but ounces!! Then the next week only a pound. Is this the norm or should I be cutting back calories. I charted out on a calorie counter that I should eat around 1500. I try to stay at 1200 so don't think I am eating too much? Any thoughts would help!!!
Sandee writes,  June 08, 2010

HI Randy,  Feta Crumbles would be 4 oz = 1 serving.  The plans that seem to work the best don't count calories.  I'm on the ceahow plan(ceahow.org)....it's a part of a 12 step program.  With any program, (Weight Watcher, South Beach, Dr. Gott's, Don Colbert etc), balance is key, cutting out the sugar and flour are also important in losing weight...and just for your health in general.  Sticking with the plan is key too along with a spiritual connection, someone to talk to, someone to be accountable to, etc.  And never stop learning and reading about people who have made it....it will keep you going when you don't feel like it.

Randy writes,  June 08, 2010
I thought I read in Dr. Gott's book that he encouraged to watch/count calories as well? Any other chat sites you know of?
Jane writes,  June 08, 2010

Randy, regarding encouragement - I've been eating no sugar, no flour for 4 months and not counting calories. I have done Weight Watchers in the past with success - but I wanted something I could just "do" without being on or off it and NO counting. Anyway - I found that I didn't really lose much weight - also I didn't really have much to lose, but I've stuck with it because it's not painful at all - once you find the products that you like. It's a super healthy way to eat. I'll get to the encouragement part - about 3 weeks ago I changed up my walking routine as the weather got better - added a couple hills and more varied terrain and boom 5 lbs gone.  Hang in there and don't worry so much about the number - you can walk off 300 calories in an hour and it feels great.

Randy writes,  June 08, 2010
Thank you so much! Always helps to hear others thoughts! Not very many guys on here?
Sandee writes,  June 12, 2010

You're right Randy....there are probably more than you know though....thank you for the courage to write on here....it seems to be harder for men....but easier if someone else goes first : )

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