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Why Exercise  

Exercise….Why would I want to exercise and what should I do?

I’ve liked exercise…sort of ….since I was about 18…back then though I just felt cool belonging to a health club wearing my cute little clothes…the leotard, tights, leg warmers, the big shirt ripped just right and tilted over my shoulder and of course don’t forget the head band…had to have that head band, my hair curled just right, make up perfect….I was sooo cute….there were mirrors all around so I could watch just how cute I was and see who else was noticing how cute I was : ) I never broke a sweat…that would have totally messed up all the work I did getting ready : ) That’s fine at 18…but now I need a little more.

My husband has worked out 3 days a week for about the last 20 years, it used to irritate me, probably because when he did it, it would remind me that I didn’t…and thought I should. One day he came up from his work out and asked, “You know what the best thing about exercise is?” I thought he was going to say some snooty arrogant thing that I just couldn’t relate to because I didn’t do it…so with irritation I asked, “What?” He said, “Being all done.” That was it…I could relate to that…and I wasn’t irritated with him any more….it got me going again.

I’ve been exercising on and off for the past 20 years…a 3 year period about 10 years ago on and over the past 2 years on again….I’m talking regular 3-5 times a week regular. I used to get all geared up with a hard system that was going to whip me into shape…I’d get to day one or two and be done with it. The trick this time…and it works… has been to set myself up for success. My current work out schedule is Monday and Thursday I do “The Firm” it’s a total body workout that includes aerobic exercise, stretching and weight lifting. What I love most about this work out is that it gets my stress out and gave me my butt back. I actually lost it when I lost my weight…I looked in one of those 3 way mirrors and saw a flat little nothing behind me….I’ve been doing this with the fanny lifter…and it did lift my fanny and made it pop out again…nice and cute though…if I do say so myself : ) It fills in my jeans anyway. Tuesday and Friday I do Yoga…this also gets stress out, and feels so good…at first I didn’t feel like I was working hard enough to get any benefit from it…but I get so much benefit from it. I can feel the tension leaving my body, and I feel more limber and strong. For me this is a great balance. I enjoy what I’m doing…it’s not too much…and it’s keeping me in shape. I admit that I would like to see my triceps and abs a little tighter…but for the most part….it’s working for me.

The weight training obviously strengthens your muscles which not only looks good but keeps you strong and your bones strong….also the more muscle you have the more calories you burn on a constant basis, muscle weighs more than fat but requires a lot more energy to even just rest….what a great bonus in the weight control department! Aerobic exercise is good for keeping your heart strong…it gets that blood pumping thorough your entire body…and it gets the juices flowing through your lymph nodes…something we don’t think about too often…but extremely important to stay healthy and ward off disease.

Stretching and yoga help release the tension and the lactic acid built up from doing the more strenuous exercises. I love the book “You Can Heal Your Life” by Louise Hay….Love it! In it she explains how trapped emotions lead to disease….I’ve used many of her affirmations in the past….they really work. From what I experience with the stretching and yoga is the release of emotions. In fact there have been times when I have felt a significant release in an area….look up the area in her list….and have found that the tension has matched what I was experiencing emotionally….how cool is that? It’s very empowering too. Exercise also kicks your digestive system into gear…what a great function that is! And I sleep like a baby…well one that sleeps through the night. That’s kind of a funny statement because babies can get up every couple of hours too….but I sleep peacefully through the night.

Check with your doctor before beginning your exercise program….take good care of your body and it will take good care of you!

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