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Benefits of natural detoxification  

Let’s talk Detox. Not the kind of subject most people just sit around and talk about…well, I love to talk about it now…it’s a beautiful thing for our bodies, minds and spirits when we do it…and a nasty ugly harmful thing when we don’t.

Ever have your sewage system back up? What a horrible thing to have happen….the smell, the mess, the work to clean it up, the panic….it’s awful….who wants that in their home? If you think of your body as your “home” the digestive system is the plumbing. If you’re flushing grease, dirty diapers, feminine products, big chunks of food and other things that just shouldn’t be put down there, you’re going to have problems. Even if you’re not doing those things, regular household use has hair, detergents, oils, dirt, and other waste’s building up…We had a house once with big beautiful trees all around it…we loved the trees…but the roots naturally gravitate toward the water supply….these went for our sewage line…if we didn’t have these roots cleaned out periodically....they would clog our pipes and we ended up with stinky dirty disgusting sewage in our home. We would receive warnings….we learned that they were warnings the hard way….the toilet would bubble when we flushed it….the water from the shower and sinks wouldn’t drain quite as fast…we learned to get the pipes cleaned out pronto or there would be bigger problems.

The body gives you warnings too…this is not a bad thing…it’s a cry for help….you wouldn’t leave a baby crying with a dirty diaper…or scold it or make it wrong…no, you would clean it up, cuddle it and love it…you deserve to treat yourself that way too. Some of the warnings are…but not limited to:

  • Bad breath/body odor
  • Fatigue
  • Constipation
  • Depression/Mood changes
  • Congestion/frequent colds Insomnia
  • Acne/rashes
  • Cloudy eyes
  • Addictions
  • joint pain/stiffness
  • Mental fog
  • Indigestion
  • Circulatory defects
  • Environmental Sensitivity

These warnings if not taken care of can lead to more serious problems like adult onset diabetes, acid reflux, heart disease, Crones disease, irritable bowel syndrome, auto-intoxication…no this is not a free happy hour….cancer…and more. If you have any of these symptoms, see your doctor…and lets get on with the detoxification.

What causes this toxic build up? Obvious ones like smoking, fatty foods, alcohol, drugs…the real nasties…but there are many day to day things that most of us do that we don’t even realize are toxic…like, taking any medications especially antibiotics…(probiotics should be used in conjunction with these…my family takes them on a daily basis)…but that’s another topic….non organic dairy products…most contain antibiotics and growth hormones fed to the cows…and of course non organic beef, chicken, pork and fish that have been fed these things too…you eat what your food eats. Vegetables, non organic produce has pesticide residue on it and in it…breathing the air inside and out from car exhaust, carpet fibers, cleaning supplies…the list goes on and on…we are pretty much inundated with toxins…so regular cleaning is a must.

I like to do this a few times a year…it’s also a spiritual experience for me so that makes it more profound. For 3 days I do a juice fast…it’s not a good idea to do a water fast if you are very toxic…and most of us are…even us “healthy” ones…because your colon will stop doing it’s very important job…pumping out those poisons. Most of us have years of caked on, stuck on gunk packed into the walls and crevices of our colons….John Wayne is not only famous for his western movies…but for his colon… I’ve read that he had from 25 -70lbs of poop in his colon when he died….Elvis too. That stuff was just recycling itself through their bodies. That contributes big time to cancers…especially colon cancer. We want that stuff out of us.

You will need a juicer…fresh juice is 1000 times better than canned or bottled….if you have to make it ahead…it’s still better to make fresh then put it in the refrigerator for taking along or later in the day. All of the enzymes are in tact…again…another topic…but a really really good thing for your vibrance. I also use Green Magma Plus it’s loaded with Chlorella, Spirilina, Digestive enzymes, pro-biotics and more…it should be called Green Magic, 3-6-9 oil from Eniva…it helps dislodge the bad fat and lubricates the insides, and last but not least  To drink I use green tea…no coffee but it’s just for a little while and you’ll feel so wonderful….and filtered water. And I use either sugar free soy milk or kefir for the protein, (this allows me to stick with my Cea HOW food plan too). I now prefer kefir because it’s considered a raw food…loaded with the enzymes our bodies thrive on.




Vibe Eniva

If you have never done this before, you may want to start with only one day then lengthen it the next time. For the vegetable juice, I usually use the same combo…Beets for blood detoxification, carrots to boost immunity, celery for it’s coumarins that help prevent free radicals and pump up the volume of the white blood cells, parsnips, they’re a popular internal remedy for cancer, asthma and have been used to treat jaundice, stomach ailments and kidney stones…and remove obstructions…good in a cleansing drink….and ginger root…it’s great for circulation and digestion. A great book for reference is “Beautiful on Raw” by Tonya Zavasta she lists just about any fruit, vegetable and grain with a description of the healing benefits of it…great to have around…I use it often.

This first time that I did this I was around 200lbs and my bowels were not moving well at all… I think they moved once or twice a week at best…I wasn’t very comfortable….and this was an extreme condition….the juice fasting was not enough for me to get this under control at that time…it is now…but back then I needed to have a series of “colonics”. It’s kind of like an enema…but much more thorough. I was a little freaked about having it done…but it’s not even as bad as a pap smear….and with all of the horrifying illnesses…deaths…in my family….I got over it and had it done. If you are not producing 2-3 bowel movements a day….about 1 ½ to 2 inches in diameter and at least a foot long…and releasing it without strain…you may want to consider it yourself…or at least look into it.

Another alternative is to do a 7 or 30 day herbal cleanse using a product like Organic Total Body Cleanse...if you're constipated it should be fine to do it during your juice fast...if your stools get too loose or liquid...stop the herbal cleanse. Once you get healthy it’s not hard to maintain…it’s a joy….but it’s important to get there…you are worth taking the very best care of…if you don’t take care of your body…where are you going to live?

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